Feature Request: Show Material Height

One very frustrating thing while cutting with non-proofgrade materials is accidentally messing up the focus height. This means that every single time I want to print I have to click through the Material Selection panel to ensure that the material height is correct.

A very small UI change could make this experience smooth and easy. I’ve mocked up a picture below. On the left is the current UI. On the right is the small adjustment to showcase the currently selected material height.

Thanks so much for taking a look!


You might have missed one of the recent Improvements that Glowforge rolled out…Set Focus.

We don’t have to enter the material thickness any more, we can use Set Focus to go out and take a measurement on the material and it correctly focuses the laser.

In addition, there is a new Calibration tool that you might want to take a look at here:


The height entered shows up in each step of your design, unless you manually change it


Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll make sure the team gets them.