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Good day folks,

Small feature I wouldn’t mind seeing please. I am setting up a job I plan to run later tonight. I need to know how long it will take so I know when I actually have to get around to it. My machine is off, so I can’t just click “print” and then not actually run the job. It would be nice to get a time estimator if not an actual run time with out having to turn on the machine, hit print, and “not print”.

Thank you.


Seconded. This would be very useful.


You can do the calculations yourself for a rough estimate. Take the height in inches and multiply it by lpi and width, then divide it by the speed (inches per minute). That’ll give you a good idea.


The area-based calculation works pretty well for engraves (unless the GF breaks them up) but cuts and scores are anybody’s guess. Albeit most jobs with cuts and scores don’t take all that long.


I don’t know about Inkscape, Affinity Designer and others - but, in Illustrator, if you open the document info panel, it will give you the total/cumulative path length of your project. This could be used to ballpark.


The way I see it, to calculate cut/score time you’d need:

  • a way to sum up all path lengths [keeping in mind the scale to which you’ve chosen to forge the piece]
  • either estimate or calculate move distance between paths [probably requires deep knowledge of process order in the GF software]
  • factor in material (head speed)
  • specifics about your glowforge [pro/basic? Age? Current software revision?]
  • maybe some other stuff I am not thinking of

… to get an overall time to complete. This sounded like something doable to estimate yet really hard to do perfectly so I googled a bit. Sure enough someone has worked on this for CNC,

Caveat: I’ve not vetted this at all. I’m a day 28 order, I won’t need this probably until late 2023 judging by today’s update :slight_smile:

The good news is that the GF team seems to have done it already, the bad news is that I suspect it calculates it in prep for cutting because of all the variables in my list, which it’ll only know once it assesses your materials and machine.

Anyway, this is all speculation on my end. Cheers!


They have. And the accuracy is to the second, unlike your Windows installation/move/copy timers lol.

Whether they implement this in the future or not, I don’t know. I know it will cost them money since they are presumably charged for server time.


I would love this feature! I have a pretty intricate design than the first settings that I put into the GFUI gave me over an hour to cut! By changing a couple of settings, I managed to get the time down to 20 minutes, but I wanted to do time estimates with the machine off. Great suggestion!


Just adding my name to the pile. Either while the 'forge is off, or while it’s working on a different job, being able to queue up new jobs and get time estimates would be nice.

Had no idea this feature was in Illustrator! Thank you, very helpful!

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Sorry for digging up this zombie post, just wondering if this ever got added to the queue ? I would really love to be able to get a time estimate, even just a ballpark, when the GF is off or busy.

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