Feature suggestion: object measurement

So in my wife’s silhouette program, each object has the option to show you the measurements of the object at it’s current size. I think this would be very handy to have on GFUI especially since the build in ruler is locked in place at it’s current location.


Now it could be a tool where you turn it on and it displays instead of having it on all the time, or maybe a click and drag or highlight tool. Another optional feature that would be great would be the ability to click and object, and edit the size of the object from a properties menu of some sort. Example, my outline for a picture frame is usually cut at 8.5x 11, but today I want it cut at a 5x7 Sizing. Clicking in the box would ideally allow you to adjust the inches or mm of X and Y


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Have you seen the position and scale controls?


So I have seen and used that some but haven’t had good luck with manual entry


What @dan84 said! I use this all the time. Now the with ungroup feature, you can change each element if needed!


Sorry to hear that - I’ve been using it since introduced and haven’t had a hiccup.

What specific issue are you having?

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I use the position and scale controls all the time, but it would be nice to have some measurements show up on hover so you don’t have to have that open constantly to make sure something’s the size you think it is.

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