Features on the GF Plus

Looking for more options on the GF Plus. can the GF be operated with the front door open kinda like the pass through on the GF Pro?

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Yes, do some searches on here for tricking the lid with magnets.


thanks I will do!

The Pro does not operate with the door open without unauthorized modification, and for safety purposes neither do any other models.

I am moving this out of Problems and Support as this is not something Glowforge staff will address.


The question is a dangerous one to answer. Anyone telling you how to do this is doing so without assurance you are aware of the danger to yourself or anyone else in the room.


thank you for the info. Now understanding the safety concerns.

I have been able to use my plus with material hanging out the closed door. It was fabric-based so easily conformed to the door, but it worked.

I would not operate the machine with the door open even if I could. I do not want to inadvertently blind anyone…


The GF is so tightly “enclosed” because it needs to meet consumer-level safety protocols to be sold into the nanny-state market. Your average hobby-lobby shopper doesn’t know to not stare at someone welding, for instance.

Nobody is going to go blind if you operate it with doors or the lid open. You just need to jump thru hoops to defeat the safety mechanisms built-in.

So, can you operate it with the door open? Yes, if you figure out how to defeat those safety mechanisms. You won’t go sterile or lose your eyesight, just don’t do dumb stuff like staring directly into the cut area while it’s operating.


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