February 2021 Update

Happy Square February!

I make a habit of starting my calendar on a Monday. It means my weekend with my family is really something to look forward to. And every once in a while, when February 1 falls on a Monday, it means my calendar looks like this:

See what I mean? Square February! It doesn’t happen that often, and it can only happen in February. Maybe it’s the engineer in me saying this, but that’s pretty darn perfect.

As we start the second (and heavens I hope final) year of the pandemic, I find myself looking for joy wherever I can find it. Even the most resilient people I know are feeling the strain. I am, and I’m sure you’re going through it too, in your own way. If there’s one thing living in Seattle teaches though, it’s how to find bright spots when everything is gray.

Besides square February, I’ve been finding incredible joy and satisfaction in making things with my family. Most recently, that’s included a microphone stand my daughter designed for Zoom calls (the old one broke), a guinea pig castle, and a silverware drawer organizer (that’s actually got the twins putting everything in the right place).

But enough about my Glowforge… how about everyone’s Glowforge? Here we go:

  • Free features for everyone
  • More perks for Premium membership: Stamp Maker!
  • The long wait for new Glowforge customers (or: aren’t you glad you got yours already?)
  • Proofgrade restocking
  • Can we brag about you to our friends?

New, Free Glowforge Print Features

Engraving deep with Proofgrade Thick Acrylic

We’ve added a new setting, Deep Engrave, for Proofgrade Thick Acrylic. This setting is designed to create detail and depth for creating stamps (more on this shortly!).

Getting unstuck gets easier

With our latest update, we’ve made it easier for you to figure things out on your own (especially if you’re a “manuals? Who needs ‘em?!” type of creator). Now, when you go to app.glowforge.com, you’ll see a new Learn More section with links to tutorials, latest improvements, and more. Glowforge Pro users will also see Pro specific materials such as the Pro Passthrough tutorial and Laser Safety Officer (LSO) training.

DXF File Support: Part of Glowforge Premium, but free for you

We’re excited to announce support for DXF files in the Glowforge app! If your favorite design software doesn’t support SVGs (like CAD software), your creative process just got easier.

We’re including DXF support for free to all Glowforge owners who were existing customers as of February 28, 2021. Going forward, DFX support is exclusive to Glowforge Premium members, but it will always be free to you.

To import your DXF file, click Create, and then click Upload from file. Or, you can drag and drop a DXF file directly onto the Dashboard or workspace.

We’ve found that many apps write DXF files differently, so your experience will depend on the file and the software used to create it. If the file doesn’t turn out the way you expected, we recommend using Inkscape, which is free, to convert it to an SVG.

We look forward to seeing what you bring to life!

Design of the Month

Check out this vintage globe that opens into a treasure chest! The design of the month is now available for purchase in the catalog - or FREE if you are a Premium member. But you have to claim it this month, or lose it forever!

Vintage Globe Treasure Chest

With this drawing room-inspired design, you’ve got the whole world in your hands. The globe’s surface details a retro-style map of the world, while the hollow inside has plenty of space for storage. Add your own customizations to turn this into an escape room prop or barware centerpiece. Whether you’re trying to hide a priceless gem or just need a reminder of where Djibouti is, this design is perfect for your next print.

Available for purchase now, or claim it for free with Glowforge Premium.

New for Glowforge Premium Members: Stamp Maker!

Here’s a new way to decorate and make your mark. Use Stamp Maker to easily turn black and white artwork into a giftable, magical stamp with just a few clicks. Create your own personalized address stamp for your mail, custom wrapping paper for gifts, or a custom logo for shipping boxes.

This is our new Deep Engrave setting’s time to shine. We designed it to produce wonderful results when you create stamps with Stamp Maker on Proofgrade acrylic.

It’s a long wait for a Glowforge (but not for you)

If you’ve been helping a friend choose their Glowforge recently, you’ve probably seen that our delivery dates are now at least 8 weeks out. As Glowforge ownership has surged in popularity, folks are waiting months for their Glowforge. I’m so glad you’ve got yours already!

This is only for new customers - we have a stock of units available for warranty issues. It’s important to me that you get the solutions you need fast, no matter what else is happening. This enormous popularity is only possible because of you, after all!

Glowforge Shop

If you already love Proofgrade, you know that you’re definitely not alone. The proof is in how quickly we’ve been selling out these last few months. That’s why we’re so excited that we’ve been able to restock some of your favorite Proofgrade materials in the shop. Demand is high, so if buying some Proofgrade is on your to-do list, we recommend now rather than later.

Can we say nice things about you in public?

Glowforge has always been powered by this community – your creativity and ideas are boundless! As we grow, we want to double down on this strength, and celebrate the incredible creativity of real designers, artists, and engineers.

Want us to put your work in our social media spotlight? Give us your information here, and we’ll contact you directly to learn more.

We love to brag about all of the ingenious and surprising things y’all make, and if you choose to step into the spotlight, we’ll go way overboard to help you look your best in front of a great big audience.

Enjoy the rest of your Square February, everyone! And thank you for creating so much joy for the folks around you. We’ve really needed it this year.


PS: topics to discuss? No problem - see you over here: