Fed Ex Ground shipping

So I am excited I received my Glowforge Basic today. I had to make arrangements for my brother to be at my house to receive it. I told him to have it put on large (low to ground) cart. So he told the fed ex guy to put it on the cart and when I got home the box was standing upright on its side on the cart with the materials box leaning against it. Has anybody received their machine like this and if so was there damage to it??? How will I know if theres damage?


Mine was that way at the UPS depot I picked it up from, and you know darned well they are not keeping them “right side up” while in transit.

My box was also damaged and missing handles. Don’t sweat it - document with pics, but I doubt you’ll have any issues.

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Don’t worry… take it out, turn it on, and see how it goes. GF will make it right if it doesn’t work for any reason, but it will probably be fine. It’s well packed and it is not the first machine to be delivered (or transported) on its side.

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Somewhere on here there is a video of the testing they put the boxes through - it should be fine, but also on here are pictures of people with broken glass or leaking fluid, so if it’s not fine, GF will make it good

Congrats on delivery!!!

Mine arrived in the same fashion and it was totally fine. The FedEx guy even had to heft it up and down 2 flights of stairs. I cringed every time it hit a new stair. :smile:

Thank all of you so very much! :blush:


My various glowforges have all ended up on their side via UPS and no problems. They take a lot worse than that en-route.


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