FedX driver warned me, box is wet

My faithful Basic finally spent its tube after 7 years. Since a replacement tube wasn’t available, I went for a refurbished which was scheduled for delivery Saturday but showed up today, Tuesday. Got the message of impending delivery, and was worried about the laser sitting in a truck somewhere with a windchill of 20 below.
When the driver said “It’s wet on the bottom” I was quite sure the coolant would have frozen and broken the tube. The machine was perfectly dry inside, and the coolant tank was full. :sweat_smile:
Must have been footprints with snow in the truck…?

It calibrated fine -

I don’t know what the refurbishment process is, but I had the left top off to check the coolant tank, and this thing (upgraded from a basic because they had none at the time) looks brand new. All is right with my world again! :sunglasses:

Here, I salute the support team for the prompt, courteous service!


Wow, that was a real plus! Much better than sending in a pro and getting back a basic.


You got that squared away right?


Yes, but sent the old pro in before New Years and It was Feb when the new pro arrived looking new while the Basic had a much more used look to it.


My story is the opposite, I paid 6 days earlier, sent the old in when I had notification of shipment, and had the new 4 days later. I’m happy as a clam. Always have been with this company, and my laser.


I’m so glad it worked out for you!


I have always had great service from glowforge too. I hate reading about how some people berate the support people.


I was not totally unhappy. The new pro arrived on the last day of the warranty, indistinguishable from new, while the Basic lowered my expectations of what refurbished was.


This makes me happy to hear. May it ever be thus when my turn comes…which could be at any moment in time. One thing for sure…your Glowforge is now spotlessly clean and shiny. Starting fresh is a very good thing. :hugs:


The end came pretty quickly. Failure to cut completely through with default settings initially, and shortly didn’t penetrate through at all. Additional passes would do it, but when support saw the machine logs and the front and back of the print it was obvious.

We have read of many different experiences, but all I can do is sing their praises.
During the long wait in the ‘before time’ I got fed up with it, everyone was doing their level best and getting razzed for it by so many.


It is cool that you got that deal with the mods you made. They quit doing the Basics a while ago and were upgrading to Pluses as tubes and power supplies stopped working as far as I can tell.

Go burn some more stuff!


All I did was remove that original obstructive fan grill that would induce turbulence and gather enough debris to obstruct the airflow. A minor design flaw as evidenced by the subsequent redesign in the newer machines. It’s their prerogative if they wish to bill me for it. We’ll see. :innocent:


Glad to hear this went well for you. My 5+ year old Basic is still working well, but I know that one day soon I’ll have to decide on a replacement…


How much did it cost to upgrade? And shipping?


The cost they had given us for a tube replacement, shipping was included. Support said the upgrade was given because they didn’t have any Basic machines available at the time.


Glad to read that your experience was a positive one - I was worried by the post title!


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