Feedback on the 'We're Sorry' Package from an International Buyer

Hi @dan,

Firstly, I should tell you how I feel about the recent announcement. Disappointed, not surprised and still looking forward to my awesome machine. With that context out there I would like to give some feedback on the package that you’ve put in place as an incentive for customers to stay with you.


“Your Glowforge will ship with $150 worth of Proofgrade™ materials as a free bonus.
Your preorder will include a $50 gift certificate to the Glowforge design catalog.
You will receive Glowforge Founder status.
Your Glowforge Founder status entitles you to a 10% discount on all catalog and materials purchases.”

Obviously it’s nice to get something for nothing and I don’t want to be the guy whining about not getting enough free stuff so please take my comments as genuine feedback. It feels like international buyers are receiving a lot less here than US buyers. The materials are sweet but I’m guessing import duty may now be higher. The gift certificate and 10% off status may largely be useless given how much it is to import from the US. Also, the decision to make the units in the US is also largely irrelevant to us but that’s beside the point.

I wondered if there could be an option for international buyers to have $200 of materials shipped with the machine. Or possibly swap the whole materials package for a discount? These options may not be financially viable but I always like offer suggestions alongside feedback.



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While he didn’t commit to it, Dan said that he would give it some thought. (from this topic) I, for one, am happy about this as it will give me a starter pack of materials to practice on. :slight_smile:

Screenshot beacuse I’m not sure how to share a reply to a reply in another post. Haha

Thanks JN. I didn’t see that. I doubt swapping would equate to a $200 discount but a smaller discount would be acceptable.

Another option would be the current materials package plus the option to swap the gift certificate for a rebate.

Yeah, I agree. If they could do that I may be able to justify the purchase of a filter (which is hard as exchange to Canada is so brutal right now)

Yes, that may be an option too!

Oh but the dollar just rose again today!


Okay, true but it’s still $147 more. Haha! :slight_smile:


Import duties won’t be higher, though, will they? The additional materials are a gift - their value shouldn’t be included in the purchase value stated on the custom forms, no? Same when you buy something that includes samples. Or purchase something for a discount; the normal, full purchase price isn’t what you paid and it’s not what you pay based on.

That said, it might be a bit of a logistical nightmare to ensure the materials sent will be able to reach each individual customer. If I remember correctly, you can’t ship leather to Italy, fabric to South Korea, and pretty much anything to Australia (only partially kidding. I think the rabbits were a hard lesson).


I can just see all the news highlights next year… “In other News - another Glowforge Smuggling ring was caught bringing walnut veneer into the country…”


Yeah I hadn’t thought about the fact that some materials might not be allowed to be shipped. Good catch.

With regards to the gift, it depends on how it is marked for shipping. For the record, I’m totally fine if the whole thing is marked as a gift. However I’m sure that’s illegal :smiley: