Feeling a bit Oily with this one

Gotta love how one project can bring so much pride along with tons of cussing. :crazy_face:

Here’s my very custom Mother’s Day piece for a client.

Made to hold both large and small bottles of essential oils.

Outside box made of 1/8" maple plywood.

with engravings all around.

Inside I’ve used a 1/8" purple acrylic to line the inside of the box and divided sides.

Then made a top tray out of 1/8" florescent yellow acrylic.

And no, I am not selling the file for this…

Honestly, would be way too complicated and I felt a bit of “squirrel!” while making it. :chipmunk:


Wow, this is beautiful. I can see all the work that went in to it. Great job!!


This is beautiful, so many wonderful details all over it. :sunglasses:

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Beautiful work!

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Wow! Love the flowers! I understand the “salty tongue” aspect of making. Those words do tend to slip out! OR sometimes they don’t slip but flow freely!


Very nice. I’m sure the recipient will love it.

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Very nice. I like the mix of wood and acrylic.

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