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You’re making me paranoid. I just found out last week that a current tenant of mine has a couple of ferrets; even though the lease states ‘no pets.’ She’s a single mother, and seems to be taking care of the property, so I haven’t made an issue out of it, but I’m nervous now.

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Hmmmm…if she’s keeping them caged when she’s not there, it’s probably not going to be an issue. I used to let mine run loose while I was working, and they got into trouble frequently because they were bored. (So I was partially responsible for their bad behavior.)

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Why am I not surprised? :smirk:


Back in my property management days we had to take one to court for lease violations; only way we could get her out of the place after totally destroying it and not paying the rent for several months. Her lease agreement said she could have “one small dog.” She had a cockapoo and a great Dane (plus various hamsters, cats, and a cockatoo that had eaten the top edges off all the drapes). Her lawyer tried to argue that “small” was in the eye of the beholder, so you couldn’t definitively say a great Dane was NOT a small dog. :roll_eyes:


I’m no lawyer, but wouldn’t a small dog be one that is small in comparison to other dogs? I assume the judge felt the same way.


Happy Cakeday @rotors! :grinning::balloon::firecracker::tada::confetti_ball::tanabata_tree::boom:

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Yeah. Judge ruled in our favor, ordered her to pay all the accumulated rent, fines, damage, and court fees. She left the place totally trashed, moved in with her lawyer, and never paid a cent. Process servers wouldn’t go near an attorney’s place, so she was untouchable after that. I always wondered if he let her bring along all the animals. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The previous tenant in that property had a service dog, since he was terminally ill. He passed away around Christmas last year, and his wife and son moved out in the middle of the lease-year; that’s the worst time to try to re-rent a property.

The place was pretty trashed. Not intentionally, but they just couldn’t take care of him and the property at the same time. I’m keeping a closer eye on it these days, because I’m not dealing with that again.

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Welcome @FuffyFerrets to the forum. Such cute pictures. The Glowforge is perfect for your creative mind!

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Thank you! I’m really excited for it!

I’m so fidgety waiting for a shipping notice that Im considering taking Noctis (my favorite baby boy and biggest of the group) to the park tomorrow so I dont check my email fifty thousand times a day!

When I had ferrets (and used to foster ferrets) they would LOVE going to the park. In AZ it was one of the few places that had real grass to play in ( and a lake). Tucson also has the ferret Olympics every year - which was hilarious . I had entered mine in the “bag escape” event, basically putting them into a paper bag and timed to see how soon they got out, mine curled up and went to sleep…


My mother is a Senior and is obsessed with my 7 year old ferret. She always “Senior ferrets for Senior people!” and whenever she sees a post on a old ferret for a adoption by the rescue center she wants it!

She actually told me about the ferret Olympics but I thought she was making that up!!!

Omg that’s fantastic about falling asleep in the bag! Mine would probably just keep playing in it forever and never come out!

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