Fibonacci Spiral Puzzle



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With all the other puzzles posted lately that I’ve had fun cutting, I wanted to add this one to my collection. Had to leave out many of the inside ones since they got really small.

Also made a nice little sliding box.


That looks like a lot of fun.


There is definitely a trick to getting it together…lol


Neat! :grinning:


It’s a beautiful series, I imagine the middle pieces have to be small because the values become large quite quickly :slight_smile:


I could have made it bigger and may make one, but all my other puzzles are travel sized.


Oh man, that is so cool! I love the box you made for it too!


That’s awesome! I teach my design students about the fibonacci sequence and the golden ration every semester—never thought about it until now, but having some sort of hands-on example like this would be great for helping them wrap their brains around it! Love the box you made too!


On the other hand, once the pieces get large enough, they could be jigsaw puzzles themselves! Now that would be a devilish puzzle.


That is beautiful!


Love the puzzle and the box you made for it!


Very cool! Especially love that you made a box for it!


Bookmarked and on the list…

Love the box


Love that idea :smiling_imp:


Wow! :flushed:


Pretty cool!! Looks like it would be a lot of fun putting together.


Oh wow, that is super cool!!! WANT!