Fiji box

Made a nice box on proofgrade maple for my wife recently. We’re heading to Fiji on holiday and I wanted to make something thematically appropriate. It’s amazing how easy it was to produce something that looks so nice.


Most impressively, that top pattern came off of a tiny/trivial bit of photoshop cropping and greyscale conversion from this original source photo of a wall tapestry I found:


That is very cool

Really nice! Did you need to do a lot of manipulating to get you final image?

I really like the way your design has incorporated the cut edges of the tabs. The ‘score lines’ around the outside make a good combination with the tabs - always a problem.


@pam4arts Barely anything. I just cropped it in close to get rid of the wall in the background and converted it to black and white.

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The fingers incorporated into the design is really stunning… usually they are a typical eyesore!

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Patience is a virtue… That must have taken some time to engrave.

Wow! Just stellar, how long did that take to engrave and cut! You did a FANTASTIC job! :grinning::+1::glowforge:

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Turned out great!

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Wow! This is the first thing I’ve seen where the finger joints look appropriate, like part of the design!


Love the complex detail. That’s where lasering shines. Nice work.


Very nice!

Awesome design choice! :grinning:

From a raster file? And a photo, at that? Amazing!