File Formats - How about reading DXF files?


I use Rhino for a lot of design and I’m sure there’s other people using CAD.

It seems like there would be a lot of people that would benefit if Glowforge would read DXF files. It’s a pretty open standard.

Yes, Rhino will save in Illustrator (AI) format, but it doesn’t work that well with Glowforge. (There’s sizing and positioning issues so I have to push it through Illustrator itself, first.)


That was one of the formats advertised during the start-up period. A lot of us would like it.

You can use this site to convert DXF to SVG or PDF for the Glowforge:


You can import DXF files directly into Inkscape.

I have noticed that I get double lines frequently, but I’m not sure if that is due to the Inkscape import or the Fusion360 export.



I tried both of these and they both work well.

However, both add a lot of steps into the workflow that wouldn’t be there if Glowforge would just read DXF files.