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Bought a file from the Glowforge store. It showed up in my library but did not give me the actual file. If I bought it shouldn’t I have the file so I can modify it?

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You have a license to print it not rights to the file itself.


We are buying a license to use the file to make a print, not buying the file. (We have the option of buying a multi-use license if we want to print more copies though.) Any modifications (such as adding a personalized engrave or name) can be made in the Glowforge interface. And in the case of the multi-use option, those changes can be saved with the file for future prints.

But downloading the file is not allowed. IP rights belong to the designer. :slightly_smiling_face:


The problem with this is that it came in two files. So now that you can not add cuts from your library anymore I have to cut one then go back and start a new cut with the other file. Can not cut both at the same time.

Not sure what you mean here.


Which design did you purchase? Maybe one of us has it or can look at the description to help figure out your issue.

It was the candle holder.

Nothing has changed as far as what you can or can’t upload, so how you’re able to cut a file you purchased should be the same. The little icons you click to upload things have changed a bit though, do you need help with that?

You have never been able to import from the library directly into the workspace. There has been no change here.

You can, as pointed out above, add your own designs using the “upload” option.

Looking at the Shoji Votive Candle Holder, presumably one file is for the plywood and one is for the acrylic. I don’t understand why you need to cut the plywood and the acrylic at the same time?


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