Film peeled off on iridescent acrylic sheet


I was testing on an iridescent acrylic sheet and found out that the iridescent part is actually on a film that’s attached to the acrylic. The part without it is just clear acrylic. Is this right? Is there a different kind of iridescent acrylic that doesn’t have the film?

I can’t speak to all iridescent acrylic, but printed acrylic or patterned acrylic is created by printing clear, white, black or some other color with a pattern. Some are printed on both sides, and some are printed on just one side.


The iridescent acrylic is notoriously fragile. I haven’t seen one that isn’t just a film. Not sure what exactly you’re going for, but there are other beautiful, shimmery acrylics that are not surface treatments. My favorite shop is iMaterials on Etsy: A professional decorative acrylics provider by iMaterials on Etsy


I’ve seen some iridescent acrylic that’s labeled as “cast”, does that mean that it’s not a film?


Nope. Cast acrylic is the type of acrylic GF sells. The other kind is extruded. It’s just the manufacturing process.

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Just Google “cast vs extruded acrylic” (it’s common enough that Google will complete the search by the time you finish the ‘vs’ part…)

Extruded is cheap to manufacture - in very simple terms, it effectively pours out onto a continuously moving conveyer belt and passes thru an oven. Cast is poured in precise quantities into trays then cured.

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Just gonna leave this here.

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