FIlter Replacement Cartridge

Hey there! I’m in need of replacing my GF air filter cartridge and they are currently out of stock online. Has anyone else had any luck finding a comparable replacement elsewhere? Needing to find something quick since I have a very busy online business that definitely relies on my Glowforge.


Saw one for Sale on here earlier.

There has to be a cheaper alternative. $ 249 is ridiculous! Just saying

I added a Dust stopper from home depot . I seems to cut down on the material that gets to the filter. This is a temp set up, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on it until I knew it worked. This will collect the dust and particles into the bucket instead of the filter. So far so good. I also have an inline fan that I purchased which I will still use the dust stopper with that, (possibly moving soon so that is why I am waiting) to collect whatever instead of blowing it out the window and having that mess and complaints from neighbors.

Forgot to add the photos.


As we all know the filter cartridge is sealed and not really serviceable. The top filter which is a 3 inch or so deep pleated paper filter is very efficient but Glowforge should make it a replaceable part. Would not be that difficult. I believe the reason they did not do this was because this filter is sealed into the cartridge and if replaceable it would become difficult to reseal and when it starts to plug air would try to go around the unsealed edges causing damage to the other layers.
This morning I contacted Onieda Air as we use them for dust collection at work and I also have one of their units in my wood shop at home and the work extremely well. I have explained to them the application we have as I think one of their 4" dust deputies placed between the forge and the filter will work fantastic and extend the life of the cartridge for many months and hopefully last until the carbon is used up. The one I have in mind is $150 on Amazon and has 4" connections so hopefully they will agree.
The Dust Deputy if installed properly will eliminate almost all fine particles from getting to the filter. It is similar to the dust stopper but does a much better job and is 4" so there is no restriction like the Dust Stopper has at 2". I will let everyone know when I hear back from them.