Filter shipment typo(?)

I’m a Day 2 buyer; I got my Pro email today. I opted not to take the unit until the filters ship, since I have nowhere to vent it anyway.

I was at World Maker Faire and I was concerned that there were no filters there at all; it seemed like if they were really going to be ready before January there would be one or two units ready by now to show off. I got an unexpected message when I opted to delay my order, though:

Is that a typo, or could it be for real?


Wow! That’d be awesome!
Well, if they mean September 2017, that is.


Hmm, that’s concerning. Would you mind if this topic was moved to problems and support, so that we can get an actual staff member to weigh in on this?


Moving doesn’t trigger Support to look. Only a new topic created there does.


Ah, good to know.

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Chuckle! You might be the first to delay for the filter, it’s probably a typo. Just let Support know by posting it in Problems and Support.


Oops! We’ll need to fix that. Thank you for pointing it out.


While that’s unfortunate, it is what I expected.

@dan, I am hoping to see some details on the status of the filter in your next update. I am not feeling confident that I will be seeing it in December.

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