Final acrylic "kaleidographic" toys



Just in time to be late for christmas, I finally finished the boxes for my acrylic “kaleidographic” toys for my nephews. The boxes only took 3 versions to get right! /s (I really need to loosen up my design tolerances).

Final materials: seven types of colored, frosted acrylics from Inventables; draftboard for the holders (painted black with kid-safe paint) and the packaging boxes; and ecofi felt for inside the boxes.

kaleid_final - 1

kaleid_final - 4




What a cool project! Professional details, down to the felt lining and safe paint. The score on the box too! Thanks for sharing that, enjoy the holidays :tada::evergreen_tree::gift:


Thanks! I see all the flaws (too much glue in all the wrong places, paper towel that stuck to the paint, etc), but I don’t think they nephews will care. *fingers crossed* :wink:


Nah, as the creator, odds are you are the only one who will ever know it. Besides, the blemishes announce it to be handmade with loving purpose as opposed to a sterile product of a factory that could care less.


I’m impressed by the variety of materials and all the steps involved to make this look so flawless. Your nephews will love it!


Thank you! The tools make it fun and easy :smile:


Nice work, start to finish, bro!


Turned out great!