Final Fantasy 7 Logo Glowforge Print Button - Meteor!

For all the Final Fantasy fans, it is finally 2020. The FF7 Remake is finally here!

If you have a Glowforge and the button has no art around it, you gotta grab one of these.

FF7 logo button, with the light being the meteor. I used some Proofgrade Cherry Plywood, but whatever material you have laying around would work too. Have fun!!

FF7 Logo Glowforge Button


You are AWESOME for posting this. Just finished the FFVII remake and I’m doing yet another run-through of the OG game. This is such a cute add-on for the Glowforge!

Thanks for sharing!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


LOVE this!


Same here! I’m playing the OG game on my phone. Probably my 5+th time replaying this game :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear!

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Nice! Great share!

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Thank you.

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I’m new here. Where do I actually find the file to download? :blush:

Welcome! Scroll up back to my post, and right click on the image below the 2 photos:
Save Image As > File type = SVG