Finally, an electric vehicle that I can get excited about!

Charging concerns, battery technology, and mistrust of brand-new tech aside, I love the idea of EVs.
But I like trucks and off-roaders. Instant torque, lack of engine noise, and expanded storage are all aspect of an EV that I have been waiting for, along with body lines that I could actually fall in love with. For reference, I’ve always loved the look of the older classic 4x4s: the wrangler, the old land cruiser, the scout, the bronco, the K5 blazer, the defender, the c10 and w200 pickups…

This morning I found out about Bollinger Motors’ B1 and B2 electric 4x4s.

Of course I probably won’t be able to afford one/justify the price to actually go bash one around in the woods… (i remember my hesitation to push limits with a shiny new wrangler, which was probably not even half the price of one of these) but it’s nice to see that the daydream is a little closer to reality. If they do well enough, maybe I’ll be able to get ahold of a used one in like ten years.


I sent this to a car designer buddy of mine a few days ago. His reply was:

“In Soviet Russia, EV truck drives YOU.”

Psht, I still think it’s cool looking.


which horribly bean-shaped vehicles is he responsible for, I wonder? :laughing:

I actually dig the look of some old soviet vehicle, although I would not want to have to think about the engineering or build quality… this Urss reminds me of the late-40s Dodge WC series

would make a sweet platform for a rat-rod!

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Yeah that’s pretty sweet. Ural mororcycles are some of my faves.

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They are awesome(wish I had one)


Oo, someone converted one to electric?

There was a time that I used to pore over craigslist looking for one of those to drive my dog around in.

When I’m too old for 2 wheels I’m getting a Ural and mounting a remote controlled paintball gun on the sidecar. Then I’ll splat everyone who irritates my curmudgeonly self :blush:


I see no flaws in this plan.

Post video.

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the flaw is me coming the other direction and both of us watching the people annoying us and not the road. You can be posting it to youtube.

Sounds like you need someone riding shotgun…



So instead of Star Wars we’ve got Car Wars?


Careening Curmudgeon Capers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


One of the employees at EV West (near San Diego) put that one together.

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