Finally figured out outlining text


It looks great!


Learning that really does open up a whole new level of design, because you can do it to other images too… not just text. Have fun! Great start!

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nice now I need to learn.


Once I finally broke down and got a real program to do design, this comes a lot easier and it’s a lot more fun.

My progression was Inkscape -> Vectornator (ipad) -> Affinity Designer (ipad) -> Affinity Designer (mac).

The cycle of learning tightened up nicely once I jumped to Vectornator so I could use the pen.


Lovely piece. It looks like neon!

Wait that’s your own handwriting, not a font?

It’s a font. It’s just much easier to get it just right with the pen vs a mouse.

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Interesting, how so? I have a Wacom that I never use, curious how you feel it helped here.

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It’s hard to quantify outside of saying that the picture in my head falls out to the iPad almost naturally when I use the pen. When I use a mouse I have to think and plan and build and it takes a while.

It’s similar to how I will end up taking hours to write a document or a PowerPoint that I could deliver right now with Chalk and a chalkboard. And the chalkboard presentation would be far better. The brain just works better that way for me.


I bought a small Wacom tablet and although it took me a while to get the hang of it, it’s invaluable for free-form design or tracing/manipulating in Inkscape. It’s rare I need to use it, but when I do, I’m glad I have it and invested the time to learn how to use it.

Nice! I love the wood backing on the blue.

good stuff.

I have a Wacom too. Maybe finally found a use for it after all these years of it sitting in garage collecting dust? Please let me know if you try it.