Finally have my leather scrap listings in my shop

Hi all,

Has been years since first mentioned scrap leather from my business–I have a lot–have had a couple private sales following posts here–but finally got tired of not being able to see some of my floor and stacks of bags & boxes (talking years of scrap accumulation–I do use a lot, but I hate just tossing it out), so started adding listings in my Etsy shop for pieces of the veg/oil tanned cowhides (5-6oz) that I use for guitar straps & other items that I etch my logo and/or designs into, and come out well with just the “thick leather” settings.

I’ve been hesitant to post this public “ad”, but since many do note their design/item is in their shop, so I hope this is OK. If you’re at all interested in getting some pieces to test or even make small goods, please check it out at

Currently have option for by the pound, and these are larger pieces (either longer, or greater than about 4"x8"), and options within for color or size. I can cut to specific size, but that’s extra fee, but basically just pay shipping to get at least a pound!

I also have 1/2" wide x 18" or so long strips, which are great for making straps for luggage/ID tags (I have way more than I can use myself for this), and 1/2" diameter “dots” by the ounce…

I will also be adding listing for my smaller pieces (<2.5"x6") that can be sold by the ounce… and bison pieces, too. But if you want some of those before I have a listing for them, please contact me.

And if you have interest in even larger pieces, I’m happy to recommend different resources.


I forwarded it onto my SCA friends on FB - because those 1/2" x 18" are perfect for armour straps!


Thank you!

Time to see what I can come up with for dnd and 3 lbs of random skin.

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Thank you!!

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I’ve bookmarked this for future use. I just bought big pieces of 2-3oz and 3-4oz that I haven’t used yet. But good to know you always have extra on hand. Will save me a 3-hr trip to buy leather! I love having stuff shipped directly to me!

Thanks–I do order a lot myself on-line too, but I prefer getting the hides I use for guitar straps in person (fortunately only about an hour trip for me). I have had mixed results with getting those on-line–though if you can step up into higher price point (typically >$15/sq ft ), you’re paying for the tannery’s consistency & you’ll know what you’ll be getting!


I’m ordering right now! :heart:

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I can’t wait to try out the leather!

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