Finally made my first cuts

So, a lot has happened since I first ordered my Glowforge. Because of a move and building a new home, I had no place for my Glowforge to call home until about six months ago. Then my mother got sick, and getting her to the right doctor to find out what was actually wrong with her and get her well became my soul focus. My hobbies have been on hold.

Long story short, she’s getting better and The GF has finally come out of nearly two years in storage. And works like a champ.

The Gift of Good measure, of course was the first cut. My niece, however thought we needed something special, so we used some of the art I had on my computer and made a Skyrim themed pendant. Only appropriate, since we named it “Dawnbreaker.”


I’m so happy you finally get to fire her up! Great job on the initial prints, and I’m glad your mum is on the mend. :slightly_smiling_face:


What Jules said!


I am very glad your mother is getting better and that you have a home for your forge. I look forward to seeing what you make next.


Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

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I fully support the name Dawnbreaker. Mine is now Lightsong C:


That’s a nice pendant! Welcome back and now, get cracking and make more stuff! :wink:


Well, I’m not much of an artist like the amazing company I share here, but I was playing with some Celtic knot patterns a couple of years ago in Illustrator. I have wanted to 3D engrave this one for a while.

Sadly I lack the Illustrator skills to size the inner circle correctly, so I can’t use it as an escutcheon. (It also potato chipped badly). But here’s my first original design anyway.


Very attractive design! The shading makes it look metallic in this photo.


Well that’s gorgeous! (I tried a knot or two…not as easy as it looks.) :slightly_smiling_face:


Really looks nice!

To get that circle (or anything else) the exact size you want in Illustrator, select it then go to the Transform panel and type the exact width (W) and height (H) you want. You can change those values independently if they are unlocked or proportionally if they are locked.


So glad your mother is better … and nice to have you join the forum fun!

Love your Celtic design … nice first projects.