Finally Made Wood Coins!


I’ve always loved the military challenge coins but never had a reason to get one made or make one myself…until now!
Recently I went on deployment to Puerto Rico where I was part of Task Force Power helping restore the power from the hurricanes last year. We were there in a support role for those doing the work but it was long 12 hr days 7 days a week for at least 30 days. 60 days for myself. I got to know a lot of new and awesome people so I wanted to make something for all of us to remember our time by.
These are the first 6 I have done, they are 2.5 inches wide and have a clear acrylic base. I am personalizing each one with our names because not many people have challenge coins with their name on it! I am a huge fan of these and can’t wait to give the first ones on Monday. <3


Oh, they’re going to cherish those! Lovely idea! :grinning:


These look awesome!


Wow, they look amazing! Wonderful way to remember your time together.


I’m glad to hear power is getting restored in Puerto Rico. Thank you for your service.


They looks great! Thanks for helping my neighbor Puerto Rico, we all took a big hit with Irma and Maria…


Thanks for your service. :glowforge::sunglasses:


A very tiring couple of months, I can only imagine their joy had having power restored.

The coins are exceptional … And love the little acrylic stands!


Thanks all. The power is almost 100% back on now. I was there in an administrative role cause paperwork still needs to get done. Praying that this year is calmer for the island. :slight_smile:

The people who got the first 5 were thrilled. I have about 20 more to make this weekend and mail out.

The stand was an ah-ha moment. Originally I made a little box with no sides and then the moment struck. I’m going to try it with some metal coins next. :smiley:


Thanks for the help here at Puerto Rico!!!
Also nice work on the coins. :+1: