Finally My first draft board project!



Well… It is finally here! My first draft board project, I wrapped my head around over and over what to make out of this stuff and all I can say is I am glad I took my time, this is Awesome!!! Custom WORKING rubber band gun!!! Settings for this was just proof grade settings but I might write up the coloring process in the settings tab on the fb page not sure yet. (fyi its just colored sharpies and scraping out of line coloring off with a pick just incase I don’t post it there.)
If you want to see this guns print and it in action check out my video tab on the fb page link below if the ones I upload here don’t work.
As always, trying to get as many people converted to page as possible to help everyone out:
Like page to get all setting for every non proof grade project I have created in the notes tab.
Link to page:
Link to my custom settings for most non proof grade items:

Okay the photos you came here for:

Sorry it won’t let me post the videos here, says its to big, try this link to see if it will take you straight to my videos tab on the fb page: not sure if that link will work or not.


Nice job! Can you hit a target?


Great work! However if you can paint the end orange it would be appreciated. I’m in the middle of Murder 2nd trial over a toy rifle…




Nice. I just made one of those too.


Watched the video. It’s a simple but clever way of getting the rubber bands to move up and fire. Nicely done


I have not tried the hit a target as of yet just created and did a few test fires into the rubber band basket just to make sure it worked, Haven’t really took the time to actually try and hit a target yet, made this mainly for art and display purposes.


Thanks for the complement and the feed back, I am sorry to hear about the murder trail that is not good for anyone involved. If I were to actually make and sell this item I would definitely do that for you, however this is only going to be staying in my house as I created it to show it off as art. Also if it was black, dark wooden inlays, or made of any metal I would have added the orange from the beginning as I agree there are a lot of fake guns that look very real, since this one looks like all paper, no signs of metal, was created for showing of art, and will never leave my house thats the only reason I did not. I hope you see this as a fair answer to my reasoning on why I didn’t put orange on this specific creation.


Totally fair and the suggestion was meant to be informational not negative. It’s a great build and the detail (especially your logo) is fantastic. Your design is more than reasonable and safe for its intended use. And I can appreciate the art value. Perhaps Orange rubber bands :sunglasses:

I had just spent over 4 hours testifying about an object the clearly looked like a firearm from even a short distance but was not. It’s tragic for all parties involved. #alllivesmatter


Thats suppose-ably orange rubber bands lol, but they look slightly more yellow than the normal color to me. Also as an update I took the back part off it was very brittle and I like the looks more this way anyways.


I have now target practiced with it since my last reply to you its on my sites video tab now if you want to see it, it still won’t let me post it here.
Link to page:


It works amazingly well!


:joy: looks like the pigment lightened when stretched. Agreed I like the looks better and its probably easier to reload.


Ok… That’s pretty AWESOME!


Thanks, I since changed the file with out the back part as seen in that last photo a few comments ago. It is also scaleable so I can make them any size I want. lol, made a really small one out of cardboard, might use it as a key chain.