Finally some time to make new stuff

After owning my Glowforge since August and starting out with some ornaments, I have had no time during this crazy holiday rush to work on any new designs. I finally got to a point that I was able to make some new stuff, mostly because I was making gifts for people. Made this credit card holder from wood as well as sublimation hardboard. The wood I can laser engrave. The sublimation hardboard I can print any image on. Made quite a few as gift card holders for presents to family and friends this year with this and they love them.


Nice design! Is that elastic that holds it together? I like that idea.


Love that! Clean and simple wins every time!


This is very nice! Love the minimalist design, and agree with the others, the elastic is a great idea. What does the bottom look like though? Just wondering what keeps them from sliding out

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It looks like they DO slide out - isn’t that the idea? Push with your thumb at the indentation and they pop out the other side? Friction and pressure from the elastic would keep them from moving.

Yes. It’s .75” elastic.

linefeed is correct. Here is a view of the back. The top and bottom are open and the elastic is very snug, so the cards don’t slide out. You push from the bottom and they pop out thetop.


Very clean design!

How did you get the elastic to stay? glue?

There is an engraved square on the back to allow the elastic to stay flush with the wood. I used Stick Fast instant CA adhesive found on Amazon.

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