Finally tried Siser HTV (NOT vinyl!)

I’m old and am sure most of you already know all this, but this is a first for me! Special thanks to those who gave me info!

So I finally got brave, spent $175 buying lots of colors of Siser EasyWeed HTV at Walmart (they had a great sale!) and tried my hand at making some Christmas ornaments. I tried three different methods. The first two attempts I had the wood already cut:

  1. Cut the Siser and weeded it; placed it on the cut wood and ironed it on. It slipped just enough I don’t like it.

  2. Cut the Siser, placed it on the already cut wood design, lining it up as best I could, ironed it on, then pushed out the areas to be weeded. Definitely easier than try #1 and it didn’t slip, but still a pain trying to match it up without it slipping.

  3. Removed the masking on one side of the wood (I was using PG light ply), ironed the Siser on the wood, cut the whole thing using the wood’s PG settings, punched out the pieces that didn’t just fall out, GENTLY pulled off the clear HTV cover , and it worked beautifully! The clear cover protected the HTV from smoke, the masking on the back of the PG kept the back clean, and there was no trying to get it to fit properly.
    The two on the left are 3rd try.)

So, now I know how I will be doing Siser from now on. When using wood, just iron it on and then cut out the design all at once. I don’t even need to remember to flip the design, which I had to do for the first two tries.

I am a happy girl. :slightly_smiling_face:


Great results! Thanks for the info.


Thank you for sharing these tips!!


So we know that the vinyl itself doesn’t contain any PVC, but do we know what the plastic film that’s adhered to is made of?

I wasn’t able to find out any info about that. Maybe I’m not looking in the right place?


LOL - I just did a very similar testing run with putting cork on the back of a coaster - and I did all the same tests you did, and came to the same conclusion :stuck_out_tongue: Nice to know it works for multiple things!

Left to Right: Slippy, Ok but WAY Too Hard, and Glue it to the Wood First :slight_smile:



@evansd2, I don’t think Siser would risk their reputation to have a product labeled laser safe uf the whole thing wasn’t. The directions state to cut/laser, weed, ironing it on, and then pull the clear off. All I know is my GF is still wirking beautifully, the Siser cut very well, and I’m still alive. :slightly_smiling_face:

@deirdrebeth - I don’t think I would have thought of doing the same with cork! I’ll have to try that too! I do have a roll of cork!


Fair enough, on the safety front.

I’d still be curious just in general.

Also I wonder if Siser would make a version with diode-compatible film? Maybe a strongly amber color would be cuttable in an aura?


That would be nice. Maybe it’s something they haven’t considered? You could always call them (they actually answer!) and ask if they have something that can be cut with a diode. Surely with all the lasers (how many more are going to be developed?!) they would want as much variety as possible.


While the process probably would have been my first choice (out of sheer laziness), it didn’t ever cross my mind to put HTV on wood. :rofl: This has kind of blown my mind.


Some great advice, thanks for doing the work!


Very nice results for you both! Thanks for sharing your process…easy peasy!!


It’s because I’m lazy that I decided to try it on wood. :rofl: I didn’t want to paint, and if I wanted it glittery without all the glitter mess, this seemed the way to go. So glad it works!