Finally used the pro slot! Wedding sign

So i finally used the pro slot. Have to say im happy with the results. I blue taped the whole piece and slid it on through. I have to say the bottom last parts were a bit tense just to make sure it was close to perfect!! Im happy with the result.


Well done! That turned out great.


Wow! So glad you’r in the picture to show size, a banana just wouldn’t do :slight_smile:
Great job!


that’s a LOT of blue tape… i would definitely encourage getting some 12" wide transfer tape if you’re going to do any more things like that.


It’s beautiful! The text and the flourishes in the corners go very well together. The swirls in the wood grain are lovely.

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Wow, beautiful job! :grinning:

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The smile says it all. Nice job!

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What type of wood is that? Thanks!

Your sign looks amazing!


its plywood from home depot it was 1/4 thick. I got it for $14 got two pieces out of it. The person in the pic is my middle child!! lol. But its all good.

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