Finally we are here!


You guys don’t imagine how much I’m excited to write this post, with no point, only to express my excitement and to check really that I’m allowed to participate in the community :blush:

I’m from Egypt and we (me and couple of friends) will kick off a startup based solely on our waited Glowforge pro.
we needed to use a company credit card of a friend to pay the $4k (and this is a fairly large amount of money in Egypt BTW and took some time to collect it) plus shipping coasts.

Just today we managed to change the account email to ours and ta da … we are finally here.

we would like to know any other Glowforgers here from Egypt or Arab regions in general.
we congratulate our selves and all other Glowforgers for making the choice.





Welcome to this special community. If you have questions, just ask. Someone will answer them.


Welcome, good luck with your venture


Welcome, @ahmad! Great to have you here.


Welcome. I’m sure you will bring a wealth of knowledge with you. I have a beautiful notebook/diary cover made out of leather that a friend picked up in Egypt and gave me. It is thin leather and embossed with a hieroglyphs. I use it to cover notebooks for recording the gifts I receive through the years to keep a record and make sure I send thank you notes. It’s at my office right now or I’d post a pic. Guess I owe one to @dan and the Glowforge team.


Welcome ! I’m excited to get a more global view of design and asthetic from you. Good luck lasering!


Mabrouk! Welcome to the forum! I would recommend checking out the Glowforge Map and adding yourself to it as well. It looks like there are some people from Saudi Arabia and Qatar.


Welcome! I can’t wait to see pictures of what you do with your GlowForge! I love seeing things people make. :smiley:


My wife and I spent half our honeymoon in Cairo! So glad you could join us here. :slight_smile:


Happy to have you here!


Thanks, we have a handful ideas to utilise Egypt heritage in our products.


will be posting once we are ready


Mabrouk :grin: feeling like home,
thanks, will add a our Egypt pin in the map


Oh really, this is a surprising to know.
Hope you can tell me the next time to be in Egypt, I have to thank you in the Egyptian way for making this awesome machine. not kidding :slightly_smiling:


A lot of my stone turning was influenced from ancient Egypt vases.