Finallyyyy my GF will arrive TOMORROW cant waiiiiiittt :sparkling_heart: Show me projects that i can made at the first time Loool i can’t waiiit to usee my GF


Congratulations and welcome to the GF family forum! I would suggest going through the “First Prints” to help you get used to it and how it works. There are also a lot of great designs in the Free Designs section (for personal or gift use only, no sales from these files). Be sure to show what you do, as we all enjoy watching each other grow.


Congrats. Work through the tutorials no matter how impatient you may be to make all the things.

Be mindful of where you place your first prints as many users end up wasting lots of precious Proofgrade material by putting things in the middle of a board. Choose a simple, proven file for your first designs so you maximize the chances of success. Make some honeycomb hold down pins. If projects don’t work out, you didn’t fail, you simply have some material with which to practice. Use and reuse items until your scraps are tiny. Have fun, and when you have questions, read through the forum. If you can’t find answers, ask here and someone will help.


Also here’s a bunch of info you might like.

Dig in and read as much as you can stand, everything you read now will pay you back over and over.


Lol, Congratulations and Welcome!
Happy Forging!

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So excited for you. Follow the advice given by the long time forgers above. Can’t wait to see your projects.

Welcome. Do the things that the people suggest. They are pretty smart.

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Exciting! Good for you :slight_smile:

Congrats and welcome! So many amazing projects in Made on a Glowforge. I’m constantly inspired by what other people are up!


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