Finding inspiration on other sites



I was searching for some examples of something I want to try and ran across the Ponoko blog. They have been working to sell (expensive) laser cutting time for a while, and have a large collection of cool projects collected.

These get a lot cheaper to experiment with when the laser cutter is sitting behind you…


This one is super cool too! I found it a while back


Glowsmith @m_raynsford has an amazing blog as well.

And I guess also here:


really love the sd card organizer and the dremel chopsaw


I missed the Ponoko blog before and just thought it was a production service. Holy cow. And @m_raynsford’s site is super duper. And Obrary and their blog is excellent.


Wow some amazing ideas I haven’t seen yet! Thanks!


Thanks for posting this source of inspiration. The fox animation is amazing.


Following… Thank you to everyone who shares here…amazing ideas!

In case you need some ideas. I’m going to download a few for my next laser night.


I just ran across another really interesting source of ideas.
MIT apparently teaches their architecture students a class called “How To Make (almost) Anything”. The second project they do has to involve “Computer-controlled Cutting/Laser Cutting”.

This site is each students class projects, and the ways they tackle the second project are pretty cool. Some are predictable, some are wildly experimental, some are pretty much flops, it makes a fun twenty minutes of distraction.


Have you seen this guy’s amazing Plexitube Owl Clock?

Or his excellent Laser Cutter Tips & Tricks?


Wow, those tips and tricks are fantastic. I have already made a lot of those mistakes…

I love this project:


Great share @thetonybeyer Lots of good info!


I have been following the computational art work of Jared Tarbell since my days of flash programming. Now (after helping found etsy) he has a new company making toys.

Lots of cool ideas there, and if you are into comp. art his work is really just amazing.
(needs flash, look quickly as it will soon be unusable)


I see laser cut graham crackers. With a December delivery date, the first project may have to be an epic gingerbread house.


One of my first projects will be an iPhone holder for my telescope so my daughter can enjoy it without knocking everything out of view


Will have to work on transferring this to thinner stock. Would make epic Christmas gift boxes with a little ungraving - and no wrapping. Hope the GF arrives just in time.


Remind me to come back to you with some of the other sites on my bookmarks.

There’s more than just Thingiverse.


I just made a coworker a cap to hold a filter for his telescope. I’ll post a pic of it soon.