Finding MSDS for materials


I’ve been using mostly PG materials and the few odd ones that aren’t, I know are safe. My brother picked up some free laminate flooring samples from Home Depot and I’ve been searching in vain to find out if I might be able to laser them. I have six, but here’s a photo of three of them, showing the labels. Do the labels give any direction about how to find out what they’re made of? I put the SKU in Home Depot’s website search, and while it led me directly to the product, I can’t find the MSDS for it.


The manufacturer is responsible for creating the SDS (MSDS is the old name for basically the same thing, SDS = new format.) I see The Home Depot doesn’t list a manufacturer, so it is probably an OEM product for them. You could do a live chat and ask for it.

Realistically, for laser use, the SDS is just for big red flags. They could switch the glues used in the lamination process and not update the SDS: the combustion section will be orientated towards home or warehouse fires and any special precautions a fire crew should take beyond don’t breathe the smoke.


I grabbed one of each from Home Depot…around 20 or so. I’ve lasered each with absolutely no problem. I only grabbed the ones that had the formaldehyde compliance notice. No odd fumes, no flame-ups.


Thank you both…@caribis2 and @boringkajj…that’s exactly the kinds of things I wanted to know. And I appreciate now knowing the new and preferred name for information like this. I’ll be passing on this info. to my brother.


I’ve used these in lasers as well and had no problems.


Thanks so much for your input.