Fine tooth comb


I saw @theroar84 's design for the beard comb and it inspired me to make a fine tooth comb. I cut it out of medium acrylic without a problem the tines are bendy. Thinking about sanding the front and back to make it more wedge like.

Anyhow here is a SVG and AI file if you want to play with it. There is a red line to add some text for engrave. I cut the outside and also cut the swirls… makes it more aerodynamic LOL.
5 inch (84.4 KB)


It seems to turn the SVG into a two color :frowning: So I zipped it as well :slight_smile:

5 inch (1.7 KB)

Have fun!



Very cool! Thanks for sharing it! :grinning:


Excellent! I think I’d like it even better out of wood. Thanks!


I cut it into walnut scrap I had sitting around, its too brittle. I widened and halved the tines and it was better, but still too brittle for just hardwood. Perhaps a veneered plywood.

Here is the widetooth version :

5%20inch%20comb%20widetooth 5 inch comb (1.6 KB)



Hmmmm. Then maybe Delrin. I’ve got some black Delrin in 1/8" I think.

Thanks for the new design!


Thank you for this. My husband couldn’t believe I had just whipped this up in less then 5 minutes.


Very nice, and your organization makes me so jealous.


if you lightly sand down the side about 5 degrees (per side) then round up the points it combs wonderfully. I did that to the acrylic one I made :slight_smile: