Finger Lakes Maker Fest


Yesterday i participated in the FLX Maker Fest with my Glowforge. It was a small show to benefit the maker space at one of my local libraries.

It was a fairly small show but we had a line almost all day. It was a ton of fun and the people loved it. I would highly recommend getting involved in your local maker events.

We had the people draw on plain white paper and then scanned it with the bed camera. Then we printed their designs on a small coin

I had more then one person ask if i would be willing to bring the GF to their kids birthday party or cub scout event. I kind of think there is a business idea there. This is definitely the first laser that makes this kind of business possible. just an idea. :slight_smile:


Looks like you had a good time.

Out of curiosity, how long did it take to setup and then to knock down again? And hope much material did you go through? With the scan and print you could only do one at a time or where you scanning and saving several then printing all at once? I’m just trying to figure out the logistics.


I almost forgot to post a picture of the Raspberry Pi Case i made for the event to show how you can make more then flat items with the GF.

The idea was i wanted a more attractive case to hold My Raspberry Pi that we use to play old arcade and console games. My wife hated the little plastic case with a ton of wires hanging out. Plus it kept falling behind the entertainment center since it was so light.

It is made with a bunch of MDF slices and then covered in mahogany and maple veneer. I am super happy with the results. I still need to finish the back plate but here are a few pictures of it being made.


Where was the fair?
I would have loved to go, but unfortunately had to work yesterday.


What a darling little case! Looks like a fun event too… You have been busy with the machine since you got it. :grinning::+1:


It was in Canandaigua at the civic center.

I think i will also being going to apply for Rochester Mini Maker Faire in November which is a much larger event.

If you get your GF before then, which hopefully everyone will :crossed_fingers:, and want to team up for a booth let me know. Two forges are better then one. :slight_smile: I had a hard time keeping up with the demand of a few hundred people. The Rochester faire usually get over 3000 people so it will be supper busy.


Definitely let me know. If I can make it, it would be a lot of fun!!
I’m part of the"Club 13" ,so hoping to have mine this week. Haven’t gotten shipping info yet though.


Setup and tare down were super easy only about 15min each. And most of that time was running the ventilation hose.

I really didn’t use that much material since we were only print small coins. I think i only used three and a half sheets of scrap plywood that i had already cut other projects out of. I’ll double check and let you know for sure.


Awesome. I was talking to the guy that runs the Rochester show yesterday and he is really interested in having a Glowforge there. I will be in contact for sure.


Wow…beautiful job on the case!!


What a cool thing to do! I am sure folks were thrilled with their laser creations!


Oh wow, I was just in honeoye falls last weekend visiting my sister. I wish I had known about this my niece and nephew would have LOVED it!
Are there other regular events in the FL area like this?


For the hopper. It would be cool to see Glowforge help support these Maker events by donating or supplying proofgrade at a discount. You could prove your registration for a limited amount of material. They could send it with a Glowforge sign too. Thoughts @bailey?


I would settle for draftboard at a discount. :slight_smile:

But yeah, if I go to the local faire it’s going to be cardboard and baltic birch most of the way.


Until I came here, I always thought veneer was cheap junk they put on garbage furniture.
…they do, but y’all taught me it’s not the veneer’s fault, they’re just using it wrong. Now I notice it’s on everything and just applied so fantastically, that I could never tell, like your case. Great job!


It is great to see events going on.
Also I love the Arcade machine!! :joystick:


I have been accepted to participate in the Midcoast Mini in Camden, Maine in Sept. Looks like we have the same idea about the coin! Any logistical thing you could suggest? Like what you wish you had/did or hadn’t/didn’t do? Fingers crossed here for my GF to come in August so I have enough time to prepare and build some projects beforehand.


Wow! What a great showing! I love the arcade case.


Awesome, congrats. You will have a ton of fun. Make sure you bring some help since it becomes really hard to run the machine and talk to people that have questions.

I highly recommend bringing not only completed projects but also some work in progress to show people how things are assembled. I brought the sheet of MDF that the arcade was cut from so i could show people the cross sections that it is made from. People really loved that.

I also picked up an extra long, 20ft i think, dryer hose. This came in handy since i was about 15ft from the door.

Coins are the perfect item to make. They are small so the engrave quickly and you can pack a ton of them on one sheet. I would recommend using score lines for your coin design as much as possible to speed up the print. In my design i created the text with scores and that really helped to speed things up. Most of our prints where done in 2:30 - 3:30 which help keep the line moving.


Great advice thank you! Here’s to hoping I get my GF before then!