Finished Hnefatafl

Finished my Hnefatafl board game. This took the better part of two days. A work of love for sure. I still need to line the insides withleather and put felt squares on the bottom corners.


The game looks great. All the time it must have taken to design each detail. I am guessing folks will enjoy this game for decades to come.

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Everything looks great. The scoring looks really clean.

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How do you tell the two sides apart - they look very similar in tone on the photos?

The attackers are made in poplar and have weapons, the defenders are made with shields and made of pine

Missed the shields vs weapons part. Nice design work.

Finished set looks super!

Oh man, the things you miss when you’re away from the forums all year. This is awesome! I love the designs. You might be interested in the games I make if you enjoyed making those game pieces :slight_smile:


That looks great!