Finishing Wooden Earrings

Couple of questions. I am working on doing some wooden earrings made on my GF.

Does anyone have any experience with finishing wooden jewelry? What finish do you recommend, after googling I have seen tons of different answers. I ended up buying Shellac and Tung Oil as two to try out.

The other question is, if you get “finished” proofgrade wood like walnut through Glowforge, does that mean its already finished and needs no further coating of Shellac or other product to be wearable?


Proofgrade is finished. Doesn’t need anything else. You might want to dress the sides though that have a little char so they don’t stain clothing or skin.

I like the Tung oil on non-Proofgrade walnut. That’s the only wood jewelry I have made other than Proofgrade. I am sure some of the earring makers on the forum will chime in otherwise.


Previously, like a day ago:

A quick search of the forum would have found this and much more.


I should have been clearer. I was looking for something I could get locally that wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Well, in order to help you there, we’d need to know where “locally” is.

Not that the other post didn’t answer you already, but in case you want more help with finding stuff locally, then let us know where you are.

Fort Myers, FL area. :blush:

Well in an area like ft myers, I’d suggest seeing if you have a rockler or a woodcraft nearby.


Oof, yeah Ft. Myers is still not a hotbed of woodworking suppliers. What’s local to you? Like is Tampa too far?

You’ll find this thread interesting, though it doesn’t answer your question exactly.

Woodcraft stores are filled with knowledgeable people, you could always call them and talk it over with the reps, then order from their website. They have a Tampa location, but that’s a bit of a hike.

What’s interesting is that you have a very intriguing plywood manufacturer in your area:

MDF core exotic wood plywoods. Hmm, that bears some more investigation.

These guys may have some finishes in store, and probably some info, if you call them. I’m not 100% sure they have a retail space.

I mean if you talk to Woodcraft, you might find Do It Best has whatever they recommend in stock, but you’re definitely in for a bit of a hunt.


Not really much there, but I appreciate it.

Thanks for your help. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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