Fire Extinguisher

Please explain this further. So are there Ring cameras that actually alarm for fires?

I am always in the room and watching but like the thought of this, not only for the GF but as someone who has had a house fire am thinking for other rooms.

Well, there are a few things you can do:

  1. Have a Ring camera on it but aimed just above where the head moves, that way you’ll see smoke.
  2. Put a smoke detector on the GF while it’s running or just above it.
  3. Get an Alexa dot and set it to Guard mode, it will monitor not only for the sound of a smoke detector but also the sound of breaking glass and will notify you.

I happen to be able to see my GF from my desk, but can’t stand over it while it’s working as I’m on Zoom calls 8-9 hours a day, but this set-up allows me to see it working and monitor for any issues. You can also aim a camera down into it to see exactly what it’s doing as well.

Now, I also added a SwitchBot and I can set up my material, head back to my desk, align everything, open the app on my phone, tap the screen, and the SwitchBot will press the GF button for me, all the while I have my camera up and can view everything.

Since I work other jobs, this allows me to get my GF work done safely, and keeps me away from the machine when it starts up and is very loud while I’m on calls.

For the switch bot, I use a 1/8" circle around the size of the button, taped on to the button with painters tape, very lightly though, not pressing. Then the switch bot is up on the lip of the GF button, and taped down to the machine with painters tape. That allows enough pressure for it to press the button when the arm comes out, but is not permanent, and doesn’t prevent a human from pressing the button to start/stop.

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Fun to see the fire ball type in action.

Oddly satisfying to watch.

Necro thread but this is what I have next to my GF…

I also keep a damp cloth nearby whenever I test out new material.

I have more traditional fire extinguishers in my (upstairs) laundry room, in my bedroom, and under my sink across from the stove. I also have emergency ladders in each bedroom, that hook onto the window frame.

Never needed to use any but if the time came, I’d be glad I spent a few bucks on them.

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I went the fire blanket route. I feel like in a panic I would accidently spray a fire extinguisher in the complete wrong direction :slight_smile:


I can relate to this feeling. :rofl:

Any time I come across a bug on or around me I try and gently relocate it. But then it moves and I over react and then it is usually missing some limbs at that point. Fire extinguishers are great if you can keep calm lol.

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As I read this, I was envisioning my son. If he sees a bee anywhere in his vicinity, he loses his - er, mind. It’s funny and frustrating at the same time. I am quite sure your reaction is nothing like that, though! :smiley:
I can keep calm during emergencies most of the time. I don’t feel calm in my brain, but I’m able to hold it all in until it’s over. However, I’m klutzy. lol So I could totally imagine what could go wrong.

For the record, I have both fire blankets and an extinguisher. lol

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Yes Halon rocks as a fire suppressor. but super dangerous.

saw a demo at a junkyard of a Halon BlazeGuard fire extinguisher.

guy working there held a lighter at one end of the counter (bottom of lighter on counter). the guy doing the demo sprayed a small “puff” at the other end of the 10 foot counter. flame went out.

Halon is heavily regulated. It’s no longer manufactured but available in strictly-controlled industrial environments. If you’re buying it as a consumer, you are dealing with fire… (ha!)


generally speaking, halotron is considered an acceptable substitute for halon, and it’s available to anyone to buy.

personally, i have a spray bottle of water and a CO2 extinguisher. i’ve never had to use anything more than a rag to tamp out some embers. but i have my GF next to my laptop and i don’t leave it unattended. if i need to pee or answer the door or whatever, i just pause the job (thank god they finally added that to the system).

water should take care of little flareups as long as you catch them quickly. if i get to the point that i need a fire extinguisher, i’m more worried about the rest of the room/house than i am damaging the GF. i considered picking up a halotron, but i already had the CO2 and i’ll live with that. i think you can get a halotron on amazon for $125-150ish.


Halotron was developed specifically to address the toxicity of Halon. Many Halon-equipped facilities replaced it with Halotron - and that’s where what Halon is still available comes from.

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