Fire Extinguisher

Just preparing my work area for when the GF arrives… I have named it the "Ghost"
What are your recommendations with regard to the possibility of fire !!! Fire Blanket, extinguisher (what type) etc.


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Spray bottle of water — :ballot_box_with_check:
Damp rag — :ballot_box_with_check:
Halotron extinguisher — :ballot_box_with_check:

Peace of Mind – Priceless


I have a dual method smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, as well as a 5 lb Halon fire extinguisher. Halon is expensive, however this is NO residue or powder to clean up. Make sure you educate yourself a bit about it, and how it functions as a fire supressant/extinguisher though. There is a potential suffocation hazard due to how it displaces oxygen. Although if you have a fire, and get it put out, I’m sure you’d open windows to air the place out. Just wanted to have full disclosure.

Regular powder fire extinguishers are caustic, and are a pain to clean and will corrode aluminum & stainless from what I understand.

Here’s a link to the fire extinguisher that I have.
Amerex B386T, 5lb Halotron I Class B C Fire Extinguisher


Thanks for the feedback

I have not found what I am looking for but a CO2 extinguisher would seem to be best unless the cold could break something.

Good to know about powder though straight bicarbonate would seem more benign and not corrode metals, particularly stainless.

Halon is preferred for electronics and computers. But realistically if the GF is burning enough that the flames can’t be extinguished with a cloth or water spritz and needs an extinguisher, you’re going to be replacing so much wiring and boards that cleaning the residue from a standard electrical fire rated extinguisher is gonna be the least of your worries.


When cutting cardboard or paper I try and remember to have a damp rag at the ready. My first day or so I used a damp rag on some cardboard before I knew what I was doing. The second time there was fire I had a piece of parchment paper fly into the laser beam’s path and catch fire. It was swirling around and I just opened the lid and extinguished the fire with my hand. Not much pent-up thermal energy in parchment paper. I also have a 5lb halon fire extinguisher just around the corner from the glowforge, but as jamesdhatch pointed out, if it gets to that point your unit is toast. In my case, however, just around the corner is a kitchen so two birds, one fire extinguisher.


I’m a former fire protection contractor and GF owner. (It’s a very small Venn diagram!)

You’re not going to suffocate from a 5lb. Halotron extinguisher. The issue you’re referring to was for computer room systems that dump 500lbs. of Halon into a room at once. But, you should vent it after use.

Halotron extinguishers are pricey to buy (~$150) and expensive to recharge, although you can use the extinguisher multiple times (unlike an ABC, which needs a recharge after any use; valve won’t reseat over powder). The 2.5lb size is more than adequate for the Glowforge.

ABC powder is highly corrosive. BC powder is inert, but won’t do the job; it’s made for grease fires, and while it smothers flame it doesn’t do much else. Don’t use either for the GF, as they’ll also make a powdery mess in the machine.

Might reach first, though, for the wet rag or spray bottle.