Fire Sale

$10 with pickup from ACE Hardware, to get the deal you need to be a member (free)


Says it’s not available online for me. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Not available for local pickup? Or not available to even add to cart?

It won’t even let me add it to my cart.

Maybe they’re sold out in my area.

This type of fire extinguisher will likely ruin your GF. You should be getting a Halotron unit for the GF area so that you don’t wreck the electronics if you have to use it.

If you have to use it, you have been negligent. The FNL’s have seen to it.
Watching the op, I haven’t seen a flair I couldn’t snuff with my thumb. Beyond that, if a damp rag won’t solve it - you have really messed up. :grimacing:


Correct, it will destroy the electronics. Halotron could save the day between PtL’s thumb/wet rag and total involvement without trashing the electronics & optics. That being said, a PKP bottle like this one could be useful between loss fo GF and ones house. YMMV.


That’s my biggest concern. With the number of 3D printers, the GF and other electronics I have in my basement; and the tools (e.g. CNCs) that I have in my garage, I really should have more fire extinguishers in my house. If I ever have to use it, the last thing on my mind will be whether or not it will damage the GF.




Have you thought of having several fire suppression blankets?

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