Firefox Quantum with Glowforge UI

I have been using the new Firefox Quantum (v.57.0 - 64 bit) build and it does seem a tad faster overall.

Has anyone been using it with the Glowforge UI yet ?

Better, Worse, Same !?


Using it as we speak – a bit complicated job, but given that it seems perhaps a little faster – certainly no slower.

I hadn’t heard about Quantum, but will be installing it once I get on my computer. Thanks!

I’m also curious how it’ll work. I haven’t used it on the GF yet, but I’ve been using it for other browsing since this morning… and I gotta say, it does seem notably zippier.

Not 100% sold on the claims it’s less memory intensive, though.

Should also mention that Chrome / Chromium is due for some performance boosts too that are coming down the pipeline. You could try those as well, but they’re not officially supported.

I’ve had my best success using Quantum. I normally use Safari for day to day and first tried Chrome with the forge but was getting some wacky redraw bugs rendering the progress while cutting. Firefox has worked great so far and since I don’t use it for anything else I decided to use it as my main GlowForge app so all my normal browsing doesn’t tax things while cutting.