First acrylic backlit sign

Came out great, even though I forgot to flip the image so the engrave would be on the back.



Pretty! :grinning:

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very cool, where did you get the light up base? or did you build it, if so where did you get the parts?

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Good job! It really shines brightly.


Amazon. Kind of pricey at $12.50. And, it’s currently out of stock. But search “LED Lamp Base.”

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Yes, the reverse will get you every once in awhile! Nice project though.

check ebay really hard. I got some for a couple dollars each from the philipines and they seem to work just fine. Just took a few weeks to get here.

Just ordered bases from DHGate for $6.60 each when I ordered 10 of them. Several weeks for shipping to US. Use batteries or USB. RGB LEDs. No remote. Light modes cycle with button on base. (using for table center pieces for an open house).


I was about to order from them too… I’m gonna try to make some of my own with USB cables. Then I’ll weight the cost/time spent on it to see if its worth it.

Let me know when you get your bases.

I will. Considered making my own as well but I think by the time you buy the components and laser cut bases, you might spend more.

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Would like to know how you do this…please.

you can buy a coil of LED strips from Amazon (around 13 bucks), then cut the length of 3 or 4 LED’s and solder the red and black cables (+,-), to the correct terminals (they are marked), and voila! you could add a bit of shrink tubing to make it neat.

Make sure you buy 5V LED. I bought 12v’s the first time and regular USBs won’t work…
You can now make a little box/case for your engraved acrylic LED lamp. That’s my next step once I get some time.


Thank you! I have spliced cords before. I thought it looked like that. I look forward to trying this out… Hopefully I will have one made this next weekend! I appreciate you explaining it to me and the tip on the 5V! Sharon

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