First art exhibit of many


Its been quite a bit of an adventure with the glowforge I must say. I am now taking the next step in that adventure with the Lake Area Arts Group who reached out to me to put my work into 7 different public libraries over a course of the next 7 months. First month of it just started on the first of this month at Saint Henry, Ohio’s public library and will be there till the end of the month if your in the area and want to check it out feel free. I am excited to see whats next in my glowforge adventure will take me.

If you want to check out any of my other work feel free to check it out on or


They look amazing, congrats!


Happy for you that others will get to enjoy your creations, as well as hopefully new business leads, too!


What a great display, and a wonderful opportunity!


Congrats! I was telling someone about your comic covers earlier tonight. Amazing work :smiley:




Hi Josh,
Great to see your display. I’ve purchased several designs from you and they make my work seem outstanding! Thank you for sharing and for your designs!


Seems like those are most people’s favorites for sure. Thank you.


Thank you everyone


Your most welcome, I am glad that I could help and glad to hear that you enjoy them. I will try to start adding more at the end of this month most likely, right now my other job doubled my hours so it’s hard to get extra free time for making new name your own price files right now.




I’ve seen most of these individually. What a display they all make!


Thank you!


I love this idea…highlighting artists in a library display! Maybe I should try this with my students!


Outstanding! What an honor and opportunity! Congrats!