First attempt at a pop up card

Since I was focused on making things as gifts and to sell right up until the holidays, I didn’t get a holiday card produced to mail to friends and family. So, new year’s card it is. Last night I dug into really learning how to take things from 2D to 3d (for me my brain has to stretch a bit, especially if I’m learning from looking at the screen at examples and not just using my hands) – so I could make a pop up card. Learned a lot. In the last few days I illustrated a luna moth… then last night decided I wanted to have something different on the cover, so illustrated paper birch leaves and trunk-- since that is one of the luna moth’s host plants, and an iconic tree here in Michigan. Left room on the inside for individual notes for people. Printed the words on inkjet-- originally tried to cut them, but since I need to make more than 50 I figured efficiency was more important. Designed it so I could fit two on letter size paper, thus using paper I already have around, feeds through the inkjet well, and fits into standard small size invitation envelope (which I have a bunch on hand as well).

This is the full first test run at 3 am last night-- still will do some other tweaks to the design and to avoid some of the burn smudging on the cover, but pretty proud of how it’s looking!!

(Side note-- this thread seems to have changed from only things made with proofgrade, it looks like? Does that mean I can share settings here that I used? Happy to but I’m a good rule follower so want to verify first.)



Ooh, fancy. I need to try this! Yours turned out great!

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Thank you!

FYI-- I had seen a butterfly that popped out in this way and then worked on designing my own-- lesson learned from my first attempt (and maybe this is obvious to others)-- is that the places it is perforated and stays attached need to be parallel to one other when coming from the same side (i.e. where the bottom and top wings are attached.). Just to save you some time!


Looks great!

Happy to see more people making pop up cards.

this thread seems to have changed from only things made with proofgrade, it looks like? Does that mean I can share settings here that I used?

The Made on Glowforge category doesn’t require that things be made from Proofgrade materials. However, manual settings can only go in the Beyond the Manual category. So, to share your settings, either move this thread there or, link to a separate post in BTM. It’s wonky but, but what can we do?


Very pretty! I wouldn’t mind getting one of those in lieu of a Christmas card! :grinning:


Got it-- thanks for that clarification!


Great card.

I got an amazing pop up Christmas card today. Kept thinking, one of these days, I need to make one of these. Never could figure out what would be best. I like the nativity scene ones, but the butterfly in its simplicity and as an all-purpose symbol of life and transformation is the perfect illustration of all the selling points of a pop up card.

Thanks for posting!


Thanks for the kind words!

Wonderful. Very good. Cannot wait to see more.