First Attempt at a Trophy / Edgelit Acrylic

Me and the guys are going to Smash it up like in the old days with the release of Super Smash Ultimate, so I thought I’d inspire some friendly competition with a Edgelit trophy.

image image


Home run! Love it.


That’s awesome! So it looks like you took 3 pieces of acrylic, connected them together and the middle piece is being edge lit? Did you cut a different colored piece for the flame on top? I’m interested in how you put this together if you don’t mind sharing the process. Thanks.

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Great work. Love the flame inlay. (Or at least I think it was inlay lol.)

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The flame really kicks it up a notch! Nice work!

Nice job!

Got SSBU last week and we’ve definitely been playing it. Great fun. The opening credits is so over-the-top super-anime-style I sit and watch it for at least a minute every time. :slight_smile:

Sounds like you got it figured out! The middle piece is lit from the bottom. The flame sits in a negative cut in the clear and replaced with pink acrylic. The middle piece is sandwiched between 2 pieces of clear acrylic with engraving spots for magnets.