First Attempt at a Trophy / Edgelit Acrylic


Me and the guys are going to Smash it up like in the old days with the release of Super Smash Ultimate, so I thought I’d inspire some friendly competition with a Edgelit trophy.


Home run! Love it.


That’s awesome! So it looks like you took 3 pieces of acrylic, connected them together and the middle piece is being edge lit? Did you cut a different colored piece for the flame on top? I’m interested in how you put this together if you don’t mind sharing the process. Thanks.


Great work. Love the flame inlay. (Or at least I think it was inlay lol.)


The flame really kicks it up a notch! Nice work!


Nice job!

Got SSBU last week and we’ve definitely been playing it. Great fun. The opening credits is so over-the-top super-anime-style I sit and watch it for at least a minute every time. :slight_smile:


Sounds like you got it figured out! The middle piece is lit from the bottom. The flame sits in a negative cut in the clear and replaced with pink acrylic. The middle piece is sandwiched between 2 pieces of clear acrylic with engraving spots for magnets.