First attempt at etching a photo - Grizzly Bear

Here is my first attempt at etching a picture. Turned out amazing. The photo is one my brother-in-law took, which was then converted to a pencil sketch…It is etched on a miss-cut CNC’d crib board on a piece of solid Maple using HD Graphic which took just under 2 hours. The 3d effect is incredible. You can see all the hairs and the grass in the foreground pop out


Fantastic job. It’s beautiful.

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It was a light sanding with superfine steel wool that really made the difference.


Oh yeah, it’s amazing what pops once you give it a cleaning :slight_smile:

Compliments to both you and your BIL, you clearly need to come up with more of these collaborations!

Ya, one BIL tool the photo, he’s been photographing Grizzlies in BC for over 40 years, and another BIL converted it to a pencil sketch, as he is a master at that. Going to be getting some pictures of Elk and some spectacular Owl photos for next project…Will be all etched on Crib boards…


Looks fantastic!!

Beautiful artwork. Absolutely love it.

This is amazing AWESOME! Hope to get there someday. i’m a newbie and still waiting on my Pro to come in.

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Well done! Great looking bear!

A stunning photo, makes a gorgeous engrave. Nice!

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