First attempt at geometric elephant design



So I saw so many geometric animal designs online. Elephants in particular which looked really cool. So I thought I would attempt to make my own from scratch. Was quite the learning experience but think mine turned out pretty good.

I printed both a 4 inch and 11 inch versions. Both in draftboard then in Thick (11inch) and Medium (4inch)Maple Plywood. Both materials turned out a nice result I think.


That is amazing! Some information on how you did this would be great. I am really into geometric designs and while I have made a couple my method was really really ugly.



First you should find a photo or art that you like the general shape of. Then import to Illustrator. I started by making a line down the middle of image. Then I drew lines around half of image only. Once outline for half was done I started drawing lines creating triangles through out the traced half of image. Make sure to zoom in and really inspect all the connect lines and anchor points. Note on some I change the line strokes to curved end because seeing gaps at connection. Also adjust the thickness to your liking. Once you are finished inspecting the half you did it is time to mirror it and then connect the two halves. This way both sides are symmetrical. Once both halves have been combined I removed the center line. After that I outlined the stoke and then used pathfinder to combine into one. Then removed fill and there you have it. Overall I am happy how it turned out but I do see a couple minor tweaks I will probably make. Hope that helps.


Wonderful! I am list getting comfortable with Illustrator. Did you use the pen tool? Did you have to manually join the lines? I want to be able to doodle complex line patterns like yours but I’m unsure how to go about this. Thanks




Hello. I did it all with the “Line Segment Tool”. I manually joined all the joints and lines. Make sure to zoom in close though. I had to zoom in to adjust the connections here and there.


Very nice piece of wall art!


Thank you. Was a lot of fun to finally get to print it.