First attempt at sign making


I was a little impatient in removing the paper, resulting in some smudging, but I was worried if the paint setup, the paper would be harder to remove.

Engrave, paint white, remove paper, paint black. Instant signage. :wink:

The exception text was a nod to the parents who commit the time to help their kids sell stuff for school or scouting. I have a heart…just a little tired of “I’m part of a program that sells magazine subscriptions that will haunt you for the rest of your life,” sold buy teenagers that are pushy or impolite.


Hate to be “that guy” but you have an extra ‘g’ on your ‘within’. Looks great though. I need one of these.


Glad someone else gets to be “that guy” for once. :slight_smile:

Despite the smudges, the sign looks really good! Nice job!



I send this to a friend of mine who just responded with the same observation. :smiley:

Better to “that guy” than to know you let me endure the ridicule of everyone who reads it when it’s mounted.

Just means i have the chance to do it again, a little more patiently. :wink:


Excellent! I need one of these and your wording is much better that my wife-vetoed “except for Girl Scouts” proposed language.

I’m trying to follow your process, but stumbling when visualizing the last step. I’m missing something important here, but honestly can’t figure out what’s getting painted black… What’s the material (looks like black acrylic)?


it was clear acrylic. The text is engraved onto the back, and I paint white with the backing still applied. After the paint dries a bit, pull the backing, then spray paint the back with a black paint. as long as the white (in the engraved portions) has set up a bit, it shouldn’t run together.


Light bulb. (emphasis mine) Thanks!


Looks good, misspelling notwithstanding. :smile::+1:


It looks great! I wouldn’t waste it; I’d just paint black over the “g.” Or maybe you can pick out the paint with a toothpick or pin, then fill in the letter with acrylic glue.


Better to make a small mistake on a little sign than be the sign painter painting one of those huge road signs for a small shop selling Cypress knees and other gimmicks to the tourists and in 15 foot high letters where everyone driving through the Florida Keys would see it



I was lost too @dwardio. Thanks for being “that guy” that asked. I thought it was something that I just wasn’t visualizing