First attempt at some wood inlays

If you made one in acrylic, would it look right in the passenger rear window (do they have a small window?) or in the corner of the back window? My first thought was a wolf howling at the moon (and the brake light lights up the moon)…yeah if you can figure out how, it’s probably not legal. :wink:

Great job! That is my next goal to figure out is how to do this. but somehow…my digital calipers (and their box) have disappeared for a couple of weeks…I am going to have to order myself a new set apparently…I can’t wait any longer.

@Livein3D, I hadn’t thought about doing one in acrylic, that’s an interesting idea. I was really committed to doing it in the walnut and had my blinders on for other possibilities. What I wound up doing was grabbing one of the smaller wolfs that I had tossed in the scrap heap and cut out the moon section completely so you could see through it. That one is hanging in the car now and she can see just fine with it!

Good luck with your project. It was a bit frustrating at first trying to figure it out. I’ll have to send you the link to the great PDF that Jules put together. It explained everything perfectly and once I followed those directions it just started to make sense. It still needed a bit of tweaking afterwards but every type of wood is going to be a bit different so there’ll be some trial and error involved.

I would really like to read that PDF that Jules put together. I thought I wrote you back about this, but life got busy there for a bit and I guess I imagined it. Would really like to try this out soon. I bought some different wood today to try with the proof grade I have. Thank you.

I believe this was it.

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Sorry…missed this before now. Thank you!

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