First attempt at tile


I think tile might be my new favorite material. I recently stopped at Menards and picked up a number of different sizes, so I can see that this may get out of hand pretty quickly. Very fun!


Looks great! Perfect aspect ratio.


Really liking this vertical display. And I can see that the square tile I have on hand is just not going to cut it.


That is a great design and use of material. Just that simple use of color and placement is so cool.


Marvelous design. Did you have to sand the tile or find tile that was already flat on the sides?


Nice, clean & sharp.


No sanding necessary.


Very crisp! Any tips on process/cleanup?


I used transfer tape to cover the tile before engraving so I’d have less to clean up after painting. I used latex paint, let dry, and then wiped the top of tile of with a wet paper towel and it cleaned up nicely. Seemed to work great on this tile!


Please make more and share them all!!


Very well done.


How did you solve the alignment issues?


I didn’t. Even though I was suppose to get snapmark, it still hasn’t appeared on my latest machine. So, I try to put the tile directly under the camera, adjust in the UI, and hope for the best. This one worked well. If I wasn’t so lazy, I’d make a jig out of cardboard or draftboard. Snapmark will eliminate that for projects like this in the future, if I ever get it.


Love it! Very sharp!


Can you share your settings?


I used the settings from a different tile thread located in beyond the manual, located here! I upped the DPI on a few elements, but the settings in the Etching Tile thread worked great.



@glowforge7, I love the robot theme with the decorative borders. Robots are cool. Flower borders are cool. Putting them together makes your tiles cooler-er!


adore this


3PO is my fav. :blush: