First attempt on Sig 320

Hi guys, I’ve owned my glowforge for about 3 weeks now and I just wanted to share my first attempt on a Sig 320. Design was made with Affinity Designer on an IPad. I’m looking forward to playing around with laser speed and power settings.


Great pattern! :slightly_smiling_face:

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What settings did you use? Also are you on a Pro or Basic?

I’m just using the basic model. Power settings were 60% at 250 on the pattern and 50% at 150 for the outline. I’m having a little issue with alignment so what I do is cut the outline at 1% just to make sure everything is where I want it.


Thank you ! It took me a couple days to learn Affinity but I love it !
I used the bed camera and screen shot a picture of the frame. Then I imported the picture to Affinity to over lay the design.

What is that material?


It’s a polymer frame for a Sig 320

I mean I get that. The question is which polymer. Any idea?

Google didn’t give me anything but 90% of all polymer frames are some nylon variant.


Sorry I have no idea. It flames up a little so I’m assuming it nylon. AR grips engrave the best !image


You have guts sir, three weeks, great job!

Not really all my friends donated their frames lol. But thank you !

Most A2 type pistol grips for ARs (Like the one pictured) are made out of Zytel, which is nylon and engraves very well with a c02 laser. A lot of polymer handgun frames are made out of Nylon-6, or some other variant of glass-filled nylon. They should be perfectly safe in a laser.
However, lots of different companies make aftermarket gun parts these days. A lot of them use Chinese mystery material. It’s probably nylon, but there is no way to know for sure. Beware that there may be safety issues with engraving unknown polymers.

Edit to add… Nice work on both the Sig and the A2 grip! I like the design.


Nice placement!

Have you done the calibration on your basic yet? It should improve placement. That is a great job of stippling! Sure beats the hard way by hand! With the 320 being modular and fairly cheap you might be on to something very repeatable with a fast turn around.

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I don’t think I did a calibration I’ll check the forums and get instructions.
The Sig 320 frame is relatively cheap and non serialized so no need for an ATF license.

Great looking. I was think of attempting that om my Glocks…

Note that nylon 6 produces hydrogen cyanide when lasered.

iGun or Should I say MacGunPro ? :slight_smile: well done!

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I’ve seen conflicting information. I know all things lasered produce effluent and that’s what I vent externally for. Though in Universal’s page they list it as cutting well.

I always air on the side of caution, but is there a definitive that it does release hydrogen cyanide when is cut with a CO2 laser? Or a place to read more details?